From NOK 5,750 incl. VAT

(minibus for up to 16 passengers)

Hemsedal – the Alps of Scandinavia – if skiing in the mountains is your thing! Midway between Oslo, Bergen, Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda, with just one hour’s drive to the fjords. Plenty of activities in addition to skiing. Hemsedal has many great hotels and other types of accommodations to offer.

Links to accommodation, activities and information:

We were late, but the driver waited for us. Very clean and comfortable car, good driving, everything perfect. Thanks!


The taxi ride was perfect. The driver arrived in time, helped us with the luggage, and dropped us off in Oslo within about 40 minutes at our destination as planned.

–Jan Marten Huizenga

Vi er veldig fornøyd. Med transport opp til Mylla på fredag og henting på Skar, søndag. Takker og bukker.

–Jan Rudi Hansen

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