10 Top Reasons Why Bus Travel Is Much Better Than You Think It Is

Buses in general are an underrated way of traveling in Norway, which is a pity because they offer an extensive network of routes, also to more rural areas. Buses link all the major towns, airports and ferry terminals, and many of the coaches connect with each other and with local services. Bus travel is ideal for the adventurers. There are so many small towns with a rich history and national parks that are just waiting to be explored and you can’t easily get to most of those by plane. A bus, on the other hand, will haul you directly to your point of interest and, on the way there, you can check out the route for future reference when you need to get back. So, stop hesitating and book your next trip today to see for yourself how awesome buses have become and what you have been missing out on for the past few years.

Here are some of our best reasons to travel with us:

Economic reasons

  1. The Bus is going to be cheaper because we offer fixed prices compared to taxis with running taxmeters. And also, no need to pay for Tolls.
  2. Coach travel is usually a lot cheaper than traveling by plane or train. If you are traveling in a large group we offer discounts to students, children, senior citizens, and families.
  3. We provide water, child seats, booster seat at no extra cost.
  4. Minor delays are included in the price, our drivers will «track» your flight. So the driver will wait for you and your group of people.
  5. You can easily book by phone, so build the route that you need and enjoy the travel with less cost.


Benefits for you and the environment

6. Safety First

Studies continue to show that public transit is safer than driving an automobile. According to National Safety Council data, riding the bus is 170 times safer than riding in a car! As an added bonus, public transportation can reduce the number of cars on the road, meaning less traffic congestion and fewer chances for accidents.

7. The Smaller Carbon Footprint

Compared with a plane is huge, with others like is quite big also. Like 60 people travelling in 60 petrol cars vs one bus.
Did you know that buses emit 80% less carbon monoxide than the average car?

8. No Need to Arrive Hours In Advance

Often, people say the main reason they prefer flying is they can get to their desired destinations much faster than they would if they traveled by bus.
That is a valid point, to a certain extent. It mostly depends on the destination in question.

9. Pit stops

One of the best things about traveling by bus is that it stops during the journey for a short rest, allowing you to stretch, get some fresh air, use an actual bathroom and recharge your batteries by getting some food and hot coffee.

10. Bring your hobby with you

There is no problem bringing bikes and skis with you, the bus can take you to much more remote places than a plane or train.

Enjoy the ride, and book your next trip here: www.ptno.no